In addition to valet parking, available for hotel guests and ideal for customers with accessibility needs. The Foxwoods complex has a generous self-parking lot, easily accessible by turning onto Route 214 from Route 2. RV parking is permitted, with the designated RV Parking area located in Parking Lot B on the east end of the lot. Please park as compactly as possible in this area and with consideration for others, as space is limited. All RV/campers arriving on property are required to call the Security Department at (860) 312–3333 to register – a representative will then meet you at your vehicle to obtain registration information and give you a list of the Foxwoods RV/camper policies while on property.

Foxwoods provides charging stations for electric cars. These may be found in the Grand Pequot Garage on the first level of self-parking and at the Outpost Gas Station.