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Premier Theater At Foxwoods | Mashantucket, Connecticut

Nate Bargatze

Have the biggest laughs from America’s most unassuming comedian! This 2024, great comedy comes in the form of a mild mannered average joe, Nate Bargartze! He’s slated to be this year’s hottest stand-up comic with his Be Funny Tour conquering over 30 major territories! This clean cut comedian brings his fresh bits to the table – think amusing stories, highly relatable anecdotes, and more! It doesn't sound obnoxious at all but wait for it! Nate Bargartze’s material has made the most stoic of audiences laugh like there’s no tomorrow! All this great humor will light up the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods, his very last stop for the summer trek! On Saturday 21st September 2024, fans will be treated to a plethora of brilliant jokes and mighty clever punchlines! Nate Bargatze is the perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover because this humble looking man has jokes that will pack a punch! So hurry and secure your passes now!

Summer goes out with a bang as Nate Bargartze closes the season with a thrilling three-show extravaganza in Mashuntucket, Connecticut! The star comedian is delivering his very last gigs of the season on Saturday 21st September 2024. Tickets are still available but it won’t be for very long because with the rate of how fast Bargartze’s influence is spreading, you’ll be scrambling tickets against a massive amount of fans on this one! The man created an excellent act as one of 2024’s top clean comedians – taking after his idols Jim Gaffigan and Marc Maron, Bargartze’s got a lot to say but he does so with incredible politeness with a humorous twist.

For this show, you are looking at unprecedented comedy, one that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch with your grandparents. Yes, Bargartze’s humor is so clean, you can bring your grandma or your 12 year old niece. In an interview, Bagartze has mentioned that his act has attracted all types of audiences and all ages! You’ll be delighted to know that even with all these "un-dirty" material, the man can serve a good laugh. Bargartze is a comedic genius plain and simple. No need for being loud, expressive or obnoxious, this man can soothe you one minute and have you cackle like a hyena the next.

In all seriousness, Bargartze has done his fair share of local comedy clubs - honing his skills with tough crowds in Boston, New York, and Chicago. In 2012, he was even rejected by The Late Show with David Letterman. He has definitely paid his dues and fast forward to 2024, he headlined Netflix is a Joke Comedy Festival at the Hollywood Bowl alongside comedy giants, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, and Sebastian Maniscalco. He even had David Letterman apologizing to him in front of an audience for rejecting his audition tape a little over a decade ago. In addition to performing alongside comedy legends, Bargartze is greatly in demand – Netflix keeps wanting him, the Grammys gave him a nomination, and he’s filling up arenas across North America.

So be sure to grab your tickets now because Nate Bargartze is that comedian who’s about to blow up - especially now that he’s bringing his humor to Hollywood! So be there to catch him on his Be Funny Tour in Mashuntucket! It’s the last city he’s hitting this season! Tickets to his show at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods are now ripe for the taking through the Get Tickets link!

Nate Bargatze at Premier Theater At Foxwoods

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