Majah Hype at The Grand Theater

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The Grand Theater | Ledyard, Connecticut

Comedians use a lot of self-deprecating humor, and that’s a good trait. It’s good to learn to laugh at your mistakes, because at the end of the day we are all tiny humans in a huge universe with no real grasp of where we’re going and if we let ourselves get caught up in our problems we’ll drown. Learning to laugh at yourself and to not take everything so seriously can majorly improve your daily outlook on life. So come and see a show and let the comedy take you away.

Majah Hype at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

Yes, it’s always a treat to see a stand-up show live. Comedians like every other artists work hard to find content that makes you laugh, and it’s always a proud moment for the comedian to see people coming to their shows to watch them perform. They have to think out of the box for each and every punch line you laugh at. Comedians struggle hard to get to at a point where they are sponsored for their events. So, you should always go and experience comedy live every time you can. And what better time than at the cathedral of comedy, the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods in Ledyard?!

Majah Hype at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

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