Boy George & Culture Club at The Grand Theater

Boy George & Culture Club Tickets

The Grand Theater | Ledyard, Connecticut

Clear up your schedule for Wednesday 7th September 2022 because Boy George & Culture Club is coming to Mashantucket. On that very day, the entire Premier Theater At Foxwoods will be dancing to the rhythms of this amazing artist in what will be one of the most outstanding music events of 2022. Do you like Boy George & Culture Club as much as we do? If so, team up with your crew and make sure to purchase your tickets in time as Boy George & Culture Club has a history of selling out gigs. Don’t miss out on the event everybody in Connecticut will be talking about for years to come! Grab your tickets now.

Boy George & Culture Club at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

Pop is so diverse and there are plenty of wonderful acts around, but what do you think of the incredible Boy George & Culture Club? Pretty special right? Likely one of the finest pop acts in the genre! Well guess what….Boy George & Culture Club is doing a huge tour for fall, 2022 and this one looks like the most outstanding yet… know all the tracks, so how about being in that packed stadium with so many like minded fans taking in that atmosphere and vibe for a night you could not compare to any other? Boy George & Culture Club will play this night of pure pop at Premier Theater At Foxwoods, Connecticut, Mashantucket on Wednesday 7th September 2022. Those who have been lucky enough to visit Premier Theater At Foxwoods, Connecticut, Mashantucket have similar thoughts that its well equipped to host such a huge pop night like Boy George & Culture Club, it couldn't be more ideal. We are pretty sure tickets will sell out in record time so don't is your chance to purchase yours! ALL DATES AVAILABLE NOW, just look for 'GET TICKETS' link to bag some!

Boy George & Culture Club at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

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