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Premier Theater At Foxwoods | Mashantucket, Connecticut

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO SATURDAY 22ND JUNE 2024. Originally Saturday 17th February 2024. All original tickets are still valid!

Nikki Glaser

The comedic powerhouse Nikki Glaser will make your Friday evening this August 25 memorable as she delivers another epic stand-up comedy show at the MGM Grand Theatre. The 40-year-old comedian will bring her "The Good Girl Tour" to entertain comedy lovers on this side of Mashantucket, Connecticut. If you are a big fan of comedy, you know that Glaser is a wickedly funny woman who speaks her mind unapologetically. Be it roasting politicians, talking about sex and relationship, or giving witty social commentaries about anything and everything under the sun, Glaser always has a tight set without lag to comedic punches. You are in for a comedy treat like no other when you are in her show. So be sure to reserve your tickets early because this one-night show will likely sell out soon. Hit the "Get Tickets" link and prepare to see Nikki Glaser prove to you why she is the "good girl,"… or isn't she? There's only one way to find out. Come to her highly-anticipated stand-up comedy show! See you there!

Nicole Rene Glaser, popularly known as Nikki Glaser, is among the best female comedians today. Her specialty is her unashamed and shocking comedy. She is the type of comedian that does not sugarcoat and is an open book. Truth bombs are her thing, and she does it in a no-filter-type way. Her skits are better, especially because she appears to be the prim and proper woman, but she totally blows that first impression away when her jokes begin.

Glaser took an interest in comedy at 18. She was taking up a degree in English Literature. Comedy was definitely an opportunity for her to hone what she was learning in her classes. She is the type of person who finds ways to make things fun. While she was a senior, she started performing her skits and appeared on many open mics in her college town.

Her breakthrough came in 2009, as her comedy brought her big opportunities to perform on live TV. That year, she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She started to become in demand after that, as manifested when she appeared in the movie Punching the Clown, the very same year she appeared on live TV.

In 2011, her career expanded to podcasting. She became the co-host of the podcast show You Had To Be There alongside Sara Schaefer. She continued to be a part of the show up until 2014. The comedic chemistry the two have is unparalleled and gained them a lot of traction that by 2013, the two started a late-night talk show named Nikki & Sara Live. Her experiences in these shows have also made apparent that she has a knack for hosting. Among her most notable works is for the podcast under Comedy Central entitled Not Safe with comedian Dan St. Germain and her current solo podcast Nikki Glaser Podcast. Apart from podcasting and tv hosting, she is also heard in radio shows.

In the realm of stand-up comedy, she has produced many specials found on streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Among her most popular is Bangin, which you can watch on Netflix. The special tackles "sex, sobriety, and getting over her own insecurities." These are areas where Glaser truly shines as a comedian.

If you are looking for a night out that is entertaining, see Nikki Glaser at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods on Friday, August 25. Secure tickets now!

Nikki Glaser at Premier Theater At Foxwoods

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