Big and Rich at The Grand Theater

Big and Rich Tickets

The Grand Theater | Ledyard, Connecticut

There is one incredible evening happening in May and all country fans should be there! The best act to be on the scene right now, Big and Rich, on a US tour for spring, 2022… refreshing! The legendary and chart topping act will play at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods, Ledyard, Connecticut on Thursday 12th May 2022. It's going to be quite the experience for country music lovers, take in all the good vibes from the excited fans and live performances, it'll be outstanding! You can buy entry for this massive evening of quality country hits directly right away!

Big and Rich at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

There is something brilliant happening Thursday 12th May 2022! Here is all the info…..Isn't it about time you should go see a live concert? Well for all of he country fans out there, one of the premier country artists around is on the road again for spring, 2022, and on this occasion going to be huge! Thats right the excellent, Big and Rich will be hosted by the legendary MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods, Connecticut, Ledyard – renowned for having many huge country shows. MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods is well recommended, its accessible, in the middle of the city and has excellent facilities, so remember your trip is in safe hands! Getting access to the huge show in May its really very easy, so why not treat yourself! Simply, press the 'get tickets' link above. Do not miss this chance! Go ahead, buy now!

Big and Rich at MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

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